5 Beauty Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat

woman smiling with clean skin

It’s summertime, and the living is easy -- except when it comes to your appearance. That’s because the heat and humidity can take a toll on your skin, hair and outfits, causing greasy faces, sweat stains and frizzy locks. But with the right moves, you can fend off these beauty woes. Try my summer beauty tricks to look cool even on the steamiest days.

1. Summer Beauty Woe: Greasy Skin
Summer Beauty Trick: Moisturize the right way.

When your face is already glistening, it’s tempting to forgo adding any extra moisturizer. But this strategy can backfire: Without replenishing the moisture, your skin overcompensates and produces more oil.

To prevent a shiny complexion, look for an oil-free, noncomedogenic (read: it won’t clog pores) brand. Lightly pat the product into your skin. Then, rip a tissue in two and press each half on either side of your face to soak up any excess moisturizer. Follow this step by applying a lightweight broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen to protect against harmful rays.

2. Summer Beauty Woe: Frizzy Hair
Summer Beauty Trick: Pare down your daily routine.

Dry, damaged hair is more porous than a healthy mane. As a result, the strands suck up more moisture from humid air, leading to frizz. Maintain your locks by using conditioner and skipping the daily shampoo. Washing your hair can strip it of its natural oils, so simply rinse between shampoos.

If you blow-dry, curl or flat-iron your hair, use a heat-protecting spray to protect your strands. Better yet, wet-set your hair in rollers and allow them to air-dry.

Finally, avoid fussing with your tresses. The oil from your hands transfers to your strands, weighing down your hair and giving it a greasy look. Meanwhile, combing can break up curls and create frizz. If you tend to fiddle with your mane, wear it up in a chic chignon or bun on hot, muggy days.

3. Summer Beauty Woe: Sweat Stains
Summer Beauty Trick: Slow your roll-on.
Using extra deodorant may seem like a smart move, but it may actually lead to more stains. That’s because many of those unsightly discolorations are caused by the sweat-fighter’s residue. A smarter move: Apply a thin coat of antiperspirant, and let it dry completely before you slip on your shirt.

If you’re still worried about sweat patches, consider using dress shields. These adhesive pads stick to the inner underarm of your shirt to absorb sweat. You can also make your own by sewing a small fabric pocket into the armpits of your favorite shirt and filling them with tissues. Already out on the town? Stash a few tissues into your pocket, and regularly excuse yourself to wipe off the sweat.

4. Summer Beauty Woe: Breakouts
Summer Beauty Trick: Keep it clean.

Because bacteria thrive in moisture, humid days can bring on unsightly blemishes. If you’re prone to acne, make sure to keep your cell phone and hands clean throughout the day; touching a contaminated surface to your face can lead to a breakout. Also wipe your face clean throughout the day with a clean tissue; soft facial tissues are best for use on your face.

5. Summer Beauty Woe: A Disheveled Appearance
Summer Beauty Trick:
Bring an emergency kit.
Headed on a day trip or have to run a few errands before dinner? Keep a pouch filled with a few travel-size products. My essentials: bobby pins, antiperspirant, moist towelettes, sunblock, mints, fragrance, tissues and makeup. With these products on hand, you can wipe off the sweat and grime -- and reapply makeup -- so you can look fresh all day long.

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by Jackie Schneider