6 Top Tips for Flawless Hair and Makeup Application


We’ve all been there: After an important meeting or event, you discover that there’s lipstick on your teeth or mascara beneath your eyes. As a celebrity makeup artist, it’s my job to prevent these embarrassing beauty blunders. After all, my clients step in front of the television camera to face millions of viewers.

To avoid the most common missteps, try my foolproof tips for makeup application. And if you happen to slip up while dabbing on eyeliner or another product, I’ve got you covered too. My secret? You don’t have to be perfect to achieve a flawless look!

Beauty Blunder No. 1: Smudged Mascara
Tip for Makeup Application:
Accidentally smear a little on the top of your lid? Instead of immediately wiping it away, cover it up with dark-powdered eye shadow. Blend the shadow across for a smoky eye, and feel free to experiment. If you wind up not liking the results, don’t sweat it. Simply wipe it away using facial tissues with makeup remover or wash it off.

Beauty Blunder No. 2: Uneven Eye Shadow
Tip for Makeup Application:
On any given day, I see at least a few women walking around with an eye shadow crease. This unsightly line occurs when powder settles into the fold of the eye. To keep shadow in its rightful place, first prime your eyes before applying other makeup. Swipe a little concealer or powder onto your eyelid to create a smooth surface. Then blend in the shadow for a long-lasting look.

Beauty Blunder No. 3: Lipstick on Your Teeth
Tip for Makeup Application:
You’ve probably heard my tip before, but there’s a reason why it’s been around for years: It really works! After applying a fresh coat, place your index finger into your mouth and slowly remove it. Or if you don’t have time to rinse your hands, take a facial tissue, fold it in half, place between your lips and lightly press down. Either method wipes away any of the excess lipstick on the inside of your mouth; it’s that extra residue that tends to smear onto your pearly whites.

Beauty Blunder No. 4: Flyaway Hairs
Smart Hair Tip:
Call it a beauty catch-22: You need to tame those unruly wisps, but you don’t want to weigh down your hairdo with a lot of product. My simple solution? Grab a clean toothbrush. Spray the bristles with a little hairspray, and then lightly run over any flyways. You’ll distribute just the right amount to put those strands in their place.

Beauty Blunder No. 5: Smeared Eyeliner
Tip for Makeup Application:
Eyeliner can be tricky, but one of the easiest fixes is to use a soft kohl pencil to line the inner rims. You’ll get defined eyes, without having to worry about streaks and smudges. And when applying eyeliner, remember to angle your pencil downward. You’ll get closer to the lash line, which prevents an awkward gap. If you do get a smear, lightly dab with a soft facial tissue to protect your skin while removing excess makeup.

Beauty Blunder No. 6 Streaky Foundation
Tip for Makeup Application:
On hot days, the sweat and humidity can do a number on your foundation. That’s why I like to keep it light in the summer. First, clean your skin with the proper toner and facial tissues. I recommend astringent for oily complexions and witch hazel for people with dry skin. This removes excess oil from the face, which helps makeup stay on longer. Then simply apply tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone, and add a little cream blush. This look is light and fresh, and it’ll never appear uneven.

Photo by George Bohunicky on Unsplash

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by Brooke Glaser