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5 Innovative Ways to Create a Memory Book

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It’s no secret that life moves fast. One day, you’re sending your little one off to his first day of kindergarten, and then, suddenly, he’s leaving for college. To preserve those precious memories, consider putting together a memory book. To find the right kind for your family, match these types to your personality:

1. If you … like to DIY

Try … a classic scrapbook
If you love crafting, go the traditional route with a handmade scrapbook. Pick up a kit from your local craft store, search Pinterest for ideas and start assembling pictures and mementos. Just be sure to keep a box of Puffs facial tissues on hand for when you finish -- it’s impossible to page through those memories without tearing up.

2. If you … always have your smartphone on hand

Try … taking a picture a day
All too often, we have a camera on hand for the big milestones, like graduations and birthdays. But what about the precious little moments, like that soccer game goal or huge smile? Consider a Project Life challenge, where you post an Instagram photo every day of the year. After you’re through, you can publish those candid shots into a book through a company like Blurb.com, Prinstagr.am or Keepsy.com.

3. If you … are short on time

Try … a one-line journal
Many of us start with grand scrapbooking ambitions only to wind up with an empty book and shoebox full of pictures. Sound familiar? Try simplifying your idea: Pick up an empty journal and divvy it up into 12 sections, one for each month. Each month, post one line and a picture, then repeat the following year. Over time, you’ll be able to take an instant walk down memory lane.

4. If you … want to save their schoolwork

Try … an artwork album
Turn a memory book into your children’s personal project: Have them punch holes in construction paper or sized-down poster board. Then string them together into a book with ribbon or yarn and decorate the front. Then paste your child’s creations, whether it’s artwork or stories, within.

5. If you … love taking photos

Try … putting together a hardcover book
Take those quick snapshots into a beautifully bound book. Companies like Pinhole Press and Shutterfly will transform that hodgepodge into a thoughtfully curated album you can treasure forever.

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