Save Money on Your Makeup: 5 Multitasking Beauty Staples

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Stroll into any drugstore and you’ll come across aisles full of potions, powders and pencils. Although variety is key, squeezing your entire collection into a makeup bag isn’t possible. So whether you’re trying to pare down your collection, pack for a trip or save a few dollars, consider picking up beauty products that have more than one use.

The following five items are prime examples of multi-purpose makeup. Pick them up (you may even already own most of them!) and use my smart tips for multitasking makeup application.

1. Cream Blush
If there’s one item to stash in your evening bag, it’s cream blush. This little pot covers nearly all of your bases. Besides adding a natural flush to your cheeks, it also works as an eye shadow and lipstick. For a shadow, opt for a dusky or bronze shade. Use your fingers or a small eye shadow brush to swipe it across your lids. Then dab it on your lips with your fingers. Finish with a slick of gloss or lip balm for a creamy, non-clumpy finish.

2. Tissues
Surprise! Your trusty tissue has multiple makeup uses. Stash a to-go pack in your purse to use as blotting papers: Gently pat away excess oil to fend off a shiny complexion. You can also set your lipstick with a tissue.

I also recommend keeping a box in the bathroom or on your vanity to grab as you apply eye makeup. Wrap your index finger in a tissue, and gently dab the lines of your eyeliner for a softer look. Then, at the end of the evening, wet a balled-up tissue with makeup remover. It gently cleans your face without irritating your skin.

3. Mascara
Out of eyeliner? Be a mascara MacGuyver! Dab your eyeliner brush in a tube and use it as liquid eyeliner. You can also use that liner brush to dig out a little of the formula and apply it to a larger shadow brush. Sweep onto the entire lid, below the crease, for a long-lasting smoky eye. Just remember to wash your brush immediately afterwards, since the mascara can dry and cake up.

4. Foundation
Your foundation doubles as a concealer. To mask a blemish or under-eye circle, dip a Q-tip in the cap, where the product’s consistency is thicker. Dab it on and allow it to dry before applying a thin layer of foundation all over your face.

5. Eyeliner
If your eyebrows are a little sparse, use your eyeliner as a brow pencil. Gently flick the pencil to mimic individual hairs of your brows. Then use a spoolie or eyebrow brush to blend the product into your brows.

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

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by Amber Katz