Get a Fresh Face for Spring

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Life doesn't stop when you're feeling under the weather. That's especially true for television: Even if an anchor or reporter is battling a cold or allergy symptoms, the show must go on. As a makeup artist for “Good Morning America,” it's my job to cover up those telltale red noses and blotchy spots.

So the next time you're sick or suffering from allergies and have to face the world, try using a few of my tried-and-true tricks that’ll make you look fabulous!

1. Brighten sallow skin.
For a fresh complexion, wash your face with an exfoliating scrub to slough off dead, tired-looking skin cells. Don't have any scrub on hand? Try making your own by mixing coffee grounds and full-fat milk. The caffeine (which has popped up in plenty of skin care products) acts as an anti-inflammatory, tightening your pores and shrinking visible blood vessels.

2. Disguise a red nose.
Continuously blowing your nose can leave your skin dry and chapped. Be gentle on your nose by using only soft tissues, like those with lotion, and applying moisturizer regularly. Skip the petroleum jelly on your nose, though, since it can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

To mask the redness, apply a layer of foundation. A cream-based kind will give you an even skin tone, without that caked-on appearance. Using your finger or a makeup sponge, dab some concealer to cover up any remaining ruddiness on your nose.

3. Clear up tired eyes.
When the anchors come in at the crack of dawn, I often reach for eye-whitening drops, which mask tired, bloodshot eyes. One warning: Since the drops I prefer to use are tinted blue, I always make sure to have a tissue on hand to wipe up the excess moisture after use.

For dark under-eye circles, use a concealer with orange undertones. Steer clear of violet or purple eye shadow when you're sick or exhausted; the shade will draw attention to those purplish under-eye circles, making you look even more tired.

4. Moisturize chapped lips.
Slough off dead skin with an exfoliating scrub formulated for lips, or make your own by mixing sugar with a dab of olive oil. Rub the concoction on your lips, wipe it off and dab on some lip gloss or balm for a healthy-looking smile.

5. Clear your voice.
If you're meeting with clients or presenting to a group, the last thing you want is to sound congested. So try an over-the-counter decongestant, which helps temporarily clear up the gunk in your nose. Also sip some hot tea with lemon and honey, which can help soothe your throat and ease that husky voice.

6. Brighten up.
For a finishing touch, brush a little pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. Being sick can drain your face of color -- the blush will add a natural rosy glow. So even if you feel like crawling into bed, you'll still look energized.

Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash

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